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Heat Pump Water Heaters in Cold Climates

Refrigerating the basement might not be helpful in colder climate zones. More

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Basket Weaving a Wall

How craftsmen recreated a unique architectural wall detail for one of Vermont's... More

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Back to the Classics

Most Americans prefer Classical architecture, which says more about our dominant... More

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Notes on Thomas Jefferson's Virginia Capitol

Read the untold story of how slavery informed the design of this landmark building. More

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Japanese Building Technology--New To U.S. Job Sites-Sets A Foundation For Big Change

Learn here how a Japan-trained team of Vegas-area concrete crews got... More

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Harvey Flooding: Who's at Fault?

While some homeowners sue the federal government, funds are flowing for rebuilding... More

Double Whammy

Can the United States handle two killer hurricanes back to back? More

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Building to Resist Wildfire

Builders at the edge of the West's great forest know how to do this More

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Flood-Hardy Construction: Louisiana's Lesson for Texas

Drainable, dryable assemblies could speed the recovery from catastrophic flooding More

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The Portal Frame Option

Why this site-built framing detail is essential for bracing openings in garages... More

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Ready-Frame Reinvents the Framing Package

BMC adds precut everything—plates, headers, cripples, trimmers, and more—to... More

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Insulating a Sunroom Floor

An insulated floor can make that sunroom more livable. More

Charleston Adapts to Sea-Level Rise

When you live in the Low Country, a rising ocean is not just a theory. More

As Flood Maps Change, Cape Cod Builders Elevate

New FEMA flood zone maps are pushing builders to set new homes on pilings. More

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