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Take Control of Cash Flow

Don't be one of those companies that goes belly up not because they aren’t... More

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Recognizing Earned Income

To determine if your company is truly profitable, you need to understand the... More

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Cash Buyers Reach the Highest Share in Nearly a Decade

One-third of home buyers are paying in cash, and the share of home buyers using... More

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Jobs, Resale Listings, and the 10-Year Treasury: What to Watch This Spring

Economists share the data and indicators builders should monitor in the spring... More

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Builder Round Table: Financials

In this episode of the Builder Round Table, Jake Lewandowski and the gang explain... More

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How to Invest Wisely in Your Construction Company

David Gerstel says plowing all of your earnings back into your company is probably... More

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'Building Freedom: A Construction Pro's Path to Financial Independence'

Rob Corbo reviews David Gerstel's latest book More

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10 Ways to Get Paid Faster ... and in Full

If you're in the remodeling business to make money, and not just earn a wage,... More

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Remodel Your Thinking

Underpricing can result from thinking errors that lead you to sell yourself short.... More

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A Tactical Response to Inflation

How contractors handle business now can ease the pain inflicted by an uncertain... More

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