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Zippable Work Barrier

From ZipWall, a reusable, machine-washable barrier. More

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Insulating Flooring Underlayment

QuietBoard can be used over concrete to support floating vinyl plank, laminate,... More

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Lightweight Tile Adhesive

Ready to grout in 3 to 4 hours. More

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Glossy Concrete Epoxy

Use the coating on bare floors or previously coated ones to create a durable finish. More

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Drywall Corner Beads

Beads are made with a plastic core, joint tape, and surface paper. More

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Durable Exotic Hardwood Flooring

Kempas flooring comes prefinished with low gloss finish. More

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Recycled Waste Tile

Kohler has found a way to repurpose its manufacturing waste stream. More

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Thermoformed Countertops

The quartz slabs are milled to 4mm thick and formed to the desired shape. More

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Three-in-One Temporary Door Kit

Seal off a room to control dust, without losing easy access. More

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Engineered Unfinished Flooring

Choose from red oak, white oak, and maple. More

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