Wood Reference Handbook (1991, Canadian Wood Council; 800/531-3122). 559 pages. Cloth-bound, 7x10. $75. The Canadian Wood Council has done a fine job of producing a comprehensive treatise on wood products and uses. Wood Reference Handbook covers a broad range of topics with clarity and excellent graphics. The first five sections describe everything from lumber grades and sizes to fire safety and installation of particular wood products, including dimension lumber, glulams, trusses, PSL/LVL beams, prefab I-joists, sheetgoods, and more. Section 6 pulls all the preceding material together into a discussion of complete structural systems. One unexpected pleasure in this technical publication is the splendid color photos that open each section. These imaginative, real-life examples admirably illustrate the beauty and versatility of wood construction. By the time I was halfway through the book,