VOLUME 7 • NUMBER 8 • MAY 1989 JLC · MAY 1989 On January 13, 1989, OSHA published regulations covering 400 materials in the workplace, including wood dust. The regulation of wood dust levels will have particular impact on the cabinet industry. Wood dust levels will be regulated at 5-milligrams per cubic meter for both hardwoods and softwoods for an eight-hour time-weighted average and 10- milligrams per cubic meter for short-term exposure of 15 minutes. These levels closely resemble the recommendations presented to OSHA by the Inter-Industry Wood-Dust Coordinating Committee, a group of 58 wood-industry associations and companies. The group financed scientific, economic, and legal studies and presented their findings to OSHA. "The final regulation is tough and will impose significant economic and regulatory burdens on cabinet manufacturers.