Solar Heating

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A Practical Solar Home for a Cold Climate

A student team from the University of Colorado won the 2020 Solar Decathlon Build... More

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California Loosens Solar Panel Mandate to Allow Off-Site Installations

Off-site solar farms are lauded by home builders, lamented by solar purists. More

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The Solar-Ready Rooftop

Ted Cushman explains the key factors that determine a home’s suitability for... More

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Easily Add Solar To Tile Roofs with QuickMount PV

The maker's QBase Universal Tile Mount works with flat or curved tiles More

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Steam Heat vs. Hydronic Heat

A reader ponders whether to stick with steam or convert to hydronic. More

Maine Passive House Builder Tweaks His Package

Chris Corson is working on another Passive House — this time, with a more ample budget, and a more complex design. More

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When to Use a Heat-Pump Water Heater

Q: A customer wants me to install one of the new heat-pump water heaters in the... More

Maine Passive House: How Low Can He Go?
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Builder's Guide to Windows

There are more than 100 million homes and approximately 20 billion square feet of... More

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