A Step Up A Treatise on Stairbuilding and Handrailing by William and Alexander Mowat; Linden Publishing, 3845 N. Blackstone, Fresno, CA 93726; 1985; 390 pages; $19.95. Stair Layout by Stanley Badzinski; American Technical Publisher, Homewood, Ill; 1971; 69 pages; $11.70. Techniques of Staircase Construction by Willibald Mannes: Van Nostrand Reinhold. N.Y.; 1986 English edition; 112 pages; $32.95. by Paul Hanke Stair Layout is a slim paperback covering the basics of stair design and construction in simple language and bland illustrations. Written as a trade school text, the first six chapters covers stair types, terminology, standard formulas, figuring stairwell sizes and headroom, and locating landings-complete with worked examples and review questions for self study. Chapter 7 is devoted to stairbuilding,