Carpentry and Interior Finish: More Tricks of the Trade from an Old-Style Carpenter — Second Edition by Bob Syvanen (The Globe Pequot Press, 1995; 860/395-0440). Softcover, 81/2x11, 325 pages. $21.95. In 1982, I bought Bob Syvanen's book, then new in its first edition, having enjoyed his two previous books. In the years since, Syvanen's book has been required reading for every carpenter who works for me. Beginning carpenters have learned the most, but even the more experienced workers have gained something from the book. Very little has been changed in this new edition, although the handwritten text, which was in the style used on architectural plans, has been replaced with typeset text. Like Syvanen's other books, Carpentry and Interior Finish is quirky and somewhat uneven, but in the