Rough Framing Carpentry by Mark Currie (Craftsman Books, 1993; 800/829-8123). Softcover, 81/2x11, 299 pages. $26.50. Mark Currie's Rough Framing Carpentry should come with a warning printed in bold letters on the cover: Warning! Fasten seatbelt before reading. This nononsense book, which could be subtitled "production framing at warp speed," sends a hard-edged message to those who would make their living as framers: Technique is governed by speed. While most carpentry books have a couple of chapters on rough framing, Currie has produced nearly 300 pages on the subject. To give you an idea of the level of detail in this book, two full chapters are devoted solely to sheathing subfloors and roofs. The text is backed up with excellent blackand- white photos of real-world