As a self-employed remodeler, I often take on small interior projects that require hanging and finishing no more than a few sheets of drywall. Since I've never found a drywall contractor who would show up to do these small jobs, I've learned how to get them done myself. I'm nowhere near as efficient as a professional finisher, so I still sub out the big jobs. But when I'm remodeling a bathroom or a small kitchen, it's nice to know that I don't have to wait on someone else for the drywall. Also, these rooms get closer visual scrutiny than most; I like being confident when I put down the sanding pole that the walls are perfectly smooth.

For the most part, I use standard finishing tools to get the job done. But I've discovered a couple of specialized tools that simplify the work without costing a fortune. I've also gotten cozy with a variety of fast-setting compounds that allow me to apply multiple coats in one day.

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