Fallout from the controversy surrounding exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) continues. In a recent move, U.S. Gypsum, Inc., a major manufacturer of EIF systems, has pulled its "barrier EIFS" from the market after concluding that they are impractical. (Barrier EIFS relies on a continuous waterproof exterior surface to protect against rain and humidity, but provide no exit for water that may penetrate the surface.) However, U.S. Gypsum says it still has faith in its "water-management finish systems," which — unlike EIFS — have flashing, drainage plane, and weephole details designed to allow water that penetrates beneath the surface to escape from the system instead of remaining within the wall (see drawing at right). U.S. Gypsum says its water-management systems give builders the visual advantages of EIFS — a stucco- like look