A few years ago, I wrote an article about making a traditional mud pan for a leak-proof shower (“Preventing Leaks in Tiled Showers,” Oct/16), and I still often use those methods. The project in that article was a simple stall shower with a curb. Recently, I was asked to tile a larger, curbless shower with a linear drain. This complex project was a perfect showcase for many specialized bathroom construction details and important tiling techniques. You can read the print version of the story in PDF form by clicking on the link above, but in this expanded online version I'm able to cover each topic individually in much greater detail.

In Chapter 1 of the series, I describe how I installed the shower’s mud base. To read more about this topic, click the link below. Over the next several weeks, we’ll continue to publish additional chapters that cover topics such as floor heating, waterproofing, and tile layout and installation, and will add links to each topic as we go.