March-April 2010 Table of Contents

Building a Web Site Building a Web Site

Low-cost programs and a little savvy help get the job done. Read more

Texas Porch Echoes Deco DAY'S END Texas Porch Echoes Deco

Is Art Deco a thing in Dallas? The porch addition on this 1920's home is proof that it is. Read more

DECK LEDGER Smartphones for Smart Builders

Features to consider before you buy Read more

Right-Sizing a Business EDITOR'S LETTER Right-Sizing a Business

Sometimes bigger isn't better Read more

Hardware Watch 2010

Smartphones and other handheld devices are up and coming technological wonders that can help you run your business more effectively. Read more

Lateral Bracing; Building Inspectors; Stair Disagreement; Light Kit LETTERS Lateral Bracing; Building Inspectors; Stair Disagreement; Light Kit

Lack of lateral bracing causes deck collapses; building inspectors are there to help; another way to attach stairs; Aurora lights available through dealers Read more

Deck Clips PRODUCTS Deck Clips

Deck clips; cellular PVC; green concrete; hanger fasteners Read more

Movement in Mitered Corners QUESTION & ANSWER Movement in Mitered Corners

Design joints to allow for natural expansion and shrinkage Read more

Selling Upgrades Selling Upgrades

You've sold the deck — make it more profi table with higher-end products. Read more

Guard Requirements for Fixed Seating STRUCTURE Guard Requirements for Fixed Seating

The back of a built-in bench at the edge of a deck must extend up 36 inches from the seat's surface Read more

Cordless Concrete Vibrator TOOL KIT Cordless Concrete Vibrator

Cordless concrete vibrator; guard retractor Read more

Two Decks, Many Lessons Two Decks, Many Lessons

Codes, materials, and techniques have changed a lot since the 1980s. Read more

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