July-August 2011 Table of Contents

A Deck to Impress DAY'S END A Deck to Impress

This outdoor living space, built by Peachtree Decks and Porches, encompasses more than 1,700 square feet Read more

Grow Your Business With Landscaping EYE FOR DESIGN Grow Your Business With Landscaping

Whether you do it yourself or sub it out, putting in a few plantings will make your decks stand out Read more

EDITOR'S LETTER Unconventional Business Advice

Rework, by Jason Freid and David Heinemeier Hansson, is not your typical boring management book Read more

DECK LEDGER LLC, Corp., Sub-S: What's the Difference?

LLC, Corp., Sub-S: What’s the difference? Read more

LETTERS Readers Comment on "Code-Compliant Guardrail Posts" (May/June 2011)

Readers write in about code-compliant guardrail posts Read more

DECKING NEWS PVC and Capstocks Compete With Composites

PVC and capstocks popular; breathing room for OSHA fall-protection regs; more Read more

Steel Deck Framing PRODUCTS Steel Deck Framing

Steel framing; solar down-lights; deck rehab Read more

Put a Little Arc in Your Stairs Put a Little Arc in Your Stairs

Standard lumber with a curved fascia jazzes up these decks. Read more

QUESTION & ANSWER Does Stain Protect Decks?

Proper surface prep is the key to success Read more

Sell Value and Stay Busy Sell Value and Stay Busy

Show prospective customers what makes your decks worth the price. Read more

Feature-Rich Job-Site Table Saw TOOL KIT Feature-Rich Job-Site Table Saw

Table saw; tool sack; boots Read more

The Wow Factor The Wow Factor

Go beyond the basics to succeed in the high-end market. Read more

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