July-August 2012 Table of Contents

Zuri PVC Decking Zuri PVC Decking

Royal's Zuri mimics exotic hardwoods Read more

Starborn Industries Deckfast Metal Fasteners Starborn Industries Deckfast Metal Fasteners

Deckfast Metal fasteners for steel deck framing Read more

Post Protection Post Protection

Pony-Winder wraps pressure-treated posts Read more

Azek LED Lighting Azek LED Lighting

Rail kits for new installs and retrofits Read more

Krankertools' Deck Wedge Krankertools' Deck Wedge

Simplest Decking Straightener Ever Read more

Big Time Products' Gorilla Grip Gloves Big Time Products' Gorilla Grip Gloves

Cheap, Durable, and Grippy Gloves Read more

STRUCTURE Deck Stairs on Frost Footings

When the stairs stay put but the landing moves, a tripping hazard results Read more

When Is a Dock a Deck? QUESTION & ANSWER When Is a Dock a Deck?

For a long boardwalk that extends to a dock, how do you determine when guards are required? Read more

LETTERS Reader Questions Bolting Ledgers to Studs

Reader questions bolting ledgers to studs; laying out porch boards Read more

Freestanding Decks Freestanding Decks

Solve ledger-attachment and flashing problems by building a deck that’s independent of the house wall Read more

Reconnecting With the Past EDITOR'S LETTER Reconnecting With the Past

How a box of old tools brought a former PDB editor full circle. Read more

DECK LEDGER Earning Your Client's Trust

Orchestrate a series of contacts in which you meet or succeed the client's expectations Read more

Multimedia Deck DAY'S END Multimedia Deck

Combining multiple materials, Legendary Builders in Allentown, Pa., created an outdoor entertaining space that includes audio and video, heating, and lighting Read more

Curved Deck Stairs Curved Deck Stairs

A full-size plywood template doubles as the base of a bending frame Read more

Combining Hardscape With a Deck Combining Hardscape With a Deck

Adding a retaining wall and patio next to a deck made the most of an unevenly graded backyard Read more

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