May-June 2013 Table of Contents

The New Guy EDITORS LETTER The New Guy

Andrew Wormer, the new PDB editor, introduces himself. Read more

18-Volt Brushless Impact Drivers 18-Volt Brushless Impact Drivers

High-efficiency brushless motors and better batteries push the capacity of these full-size tools further than ever Read more

DeWalt DWS535 7 1/4-Inch Wormdrive Circular Saw TOOL KIT DeWalt DWS535 7 1/4-Inch Wormdrive Circular Saw

Lightweight and tough, this saw has plenty of power and a clear line of sight for accurate cutting Read more

Building Code-Compliant Guardrails STRUCTURE Building Code-Compliant Guardrails

Know the rules when building handrails, so that they will be high and strong enough to satisfy the building inspector. Read more

Question & Answer Lateral Load Attachments

Anchoring the deck to the house floor system with special connectors will satisfy your building inspector and reduce your liability Read more

Low-Maintenance Fencing PRODUCTS Low-Maintenance Fencing

Endwood cellular PVC fence components look like wood and carry a stain- and fade-resistant 30-year warranty Read more

A Pair of New Deck Fasteners PRODUCTS A Pair of New Deck Fasteners

Simpson's load-rated screw for metal deck framing, and Starborn's screw for capstock decking Read more

Modular Stone Columns PRODUCTS Modular Stone Columns

Sculpted concrete blocks have a hollow core and interlocking top and bottom edges, so they can be quickly stacked over a wood post to form a 'stone' column Read more

Innovative Aluminum Railing System PRODUCTS Innovative Aluminum Railing System

These metal railings can be paired with wood posts and used with a range of infill options, including horizontal or vertical steel cable. Read more

DECK LEDGER Competing With Unlicensed Contractors

Before you can sell the job, you need to sell your prospective customers on the importance of hiring a licensed professional Read more

Out-of-This-World Show Deck Day’s End Out-of-This-World Show Deck

Why settle for a garden-variety home-show display? Show off your craftsmanship and make yourself memorable. Read more

Building Arbors Building Arbors

As you work from above, remember that your craftsmanship will be viewed from underneath Read more

Lateral Load Connections Lateral Load Connections

Special hardware is needed to correctly fasten deck joists to interior floor joists Read more

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