September-October 2013 Table of Contents

Heat Forming Options Heat Forming Options

A friend introduced me to Heatcon’s thermal blanket system, and I’ve been using it ever since to bend composite and PVC boards. Read more

Building Curved Decks Building Curved Decks

Flexible synthetic lumber makes it easier to add curved details to decks Read more

Simple Rot Protection Readers' Tips Simple Rot Protection

Always seal cut ends of lumber, even when it's pressure treated Read more

Free Deck Design Software Free Deck Design Software

The price is right, but is freeware actually useful to deck builders? Read more

Stronger Post-to-Beam Connections Stronger Post-to-Beam Connections

In addition to supporting deck loads, these critical joints must be designed to resist uplift, beam rotation, and lateral loads. Read more

Senco JoistPro Metal Connector Nailers TOOL KIT Senco JoistPro Metal Connector Nailers

Compact and lightweight, these guns are easy to maneuver in tight spaces overhead. Read more

USP Gold Coat Connectors and Fasteners PRODUCTS USP Gold Coat Connectors and Fasteners

This new polymer coating promises high corrosion resistance Read more

SkyLift Roof Risers PRODUCTS SkyLift Roof Risers

Brackets from Sage Bracket Solutions elevate the patio roof for more headroom and better ventilation Read more

Rosboro Treated Beams and Columns PRODUCTS Rosboro Treated Beams and Columns

Douglas fir glulams for exterior use Read more

CertainTeed UnderShield Water Diversion System PRODUCTS CertainTeed UnderShield Water Diversion System

Vinyl panels keep the area under the deck dry Read more

Outdoor Living, Supersized DAY’S END Outdoor Living, Supersized

At 3,700 square feet, this project by Paradise Decking in North Carolina dwarfs many an indoor-living space Read more

LETTERS Building Codes and Red Tape

Contractors are required to follow permitting rules that should be black and white but are often gray Read more

Deck Ledger Keeping a Lid on Workers' Comp Costs

Have an effective safety program, properly classify your employees, and make sure your subs carry their own workers’ comp coverage Read more

Q&A Best Bending Stock?

When heat-forming curves with synthetic decking, Azek and other cellular PVC products produce the most reliable results Read more

Q&A Alternatives for 6x6 Posts

Columns assembled from four 2x6s can be substituted for 6x6 deck posts, as long as the assembly is engineered and meets the requirements of your building inspector Read more

Where Are Deck Outlets Required? Q&A Where Are Deck Outlets Required?

Landings or platforms that are large enough to accommodate a couple of chairs probably now need to have an electrical outlet too Read more

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