January-February 2014 Table of Contents

Lateral Bracing Alternatives Lateral Bracing Alternatives

Anchoring decks to the foundation rather than to the interior framing simplifies a finicky detail Read more

Successful Hot Tub Planning Successful Hot Tub Planning

When a hot tub is added to a deck project, make sure the tub is in a good location and that the framing is strong enough to support the extra weight. Read more

Letters Wood Preservative Levels for Ground Contact

A reader expresses concerns that it can be difficult to find lumber for stair stringers that is treated for ground contact Read more

Q&A Cleaning Wood Decks

Most PT decking can be cleaned with a mild detergent, a little bit of bleach, and plenty of water - either sprayed with a garden hose or a carefully-handled pressure washer. Read more

Wahoo Complete Balconies PRODUCTS Wahoo Complete Balconies

Powder-coated aluminum structures are engineered to meet the building specs of the project Read more

Letters Treating Bolt Holes in Wood

Dipping bolts in preservative before installing them is a quick way to prevent rot Read more

Letters Poor PDF Photos

The quality of the photos in the print version of the magazine are much better than what can be printed out from the website Read more

Trex Spiral Stairs PRODUCTS Trex Spiral Stairs

Available in powder-coated aluminum or galvanized steel, the stairs can be customized with Trex treads Read more

Hot Tub Gallery Day's End Hot Tub Gallery

Create a spa experience by setting the tub on its own level or by adding benches, lighting, and sound Read more

Winter Work Gloves Readers’ Tips Winter Work Gloves

A layer of nitrile gloves under your work gloves will keep your hands warm when working outside in the winter Read more

Letters Another Fan of Wood Decking

A reader comments that he favors quartersawn decking, but that because of the cold winter temperatures common in his area, he can't always seal the decking tight away Read more

2015 IRC Lateral Load Detail Structure 2015 IRC Lateral Load Detail

The latest version of the IRC's controversial lateral load detail will require four 750-lb anchors instead of two 1500-lb anchors, and will be easier to install. Read more

Perennial Wood Post Wraps PRODUCTS Perennial Wood Post Wraps

The acetylated-wood product comes uncoated, as well as in three factory-applied colors Read more

WoundSeal Hemostatic Powder PRODUCTS WoundSeal Hemostatic Powder

It pours onto a cut, and with a little pressure, stops the bleeding and helps form a scab Read more

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