May-June 2014 Table of Contents

Making Porch Floorboards Last Making Porch Floorboards Last

During many years as a restoration contractor, I bet I’ve replaced over a mile of rotten porch floorboards. Today’s fast-growth lumber has very little natural resistance to rot, so it’s vital that you completely seal the boards before they’re installed. Read more

Designing Porch Roofs Designing Porch Roofs

Sure, shed roofs are easier to frame, but a gable roof will add a 'wow' factor to your next porch project. Read more

Stone Paver Deck Stone Paver Deck

Manufactured stone pavers are a durable, cost-effective alternative to wood and composite decking Read more

Letters Cooked Decking

Reflected sunlight can overheat a deck, but can it lead to premature fading (on composite decks) and coating failure (on wood decks)? Read more

Ridgid 18-Volt Heated Jacket TOOL KIT Ridgid 18-Volt Heated Jacket

A three-level heating system allows you to stay comfortable without shedding or adding layers Read more

Letters WordPress Websites

WordPress is a useful tool that allows non-pros to create a website and optimize it for both desktop computers and mobile devices Read more

Flooring an L-Shaped Porch Flooring an L-Shaped Porch

What’s the best way to frame a T&G fir floor on an L-shaped porch to get sufficient slope for drainage in both directions? Read more

Building a Deck Over a Gas Meter

Be careful to consider access, freeze/thaw cycles, and ventilation Read more

Letters Another Deck Failure

NADRA is sending the wrong message to homeowners when it warns the public about an alarming increase in deck failures Read more

Less Talking, More Doing Editor’s Letter Less Talking, More Doing

Making decks safer is a better strategy for the deck building industry than scaring homeowners with deck collapse statistics Read more

Letters Another Suggestion for Connecting Posts to Shallow Joists

Through-bolts and blocking might help eliminate metal hardware from a tricky post-to-joist connection, but they don't solve the central problem: that 2x4 joists will crack and split Read more

Padco Crack and Groove Tools Toolkit Padco Crack and Groove Tools

When you need to apply finish between deck boards, a two-sided applicator speeds the job Read more

Table for Two Day's End Table for Two

Accent lighting is provided by a recessed LED fixture tucked under the granite top of this combo bench and corner table. Read more

Azek Standard and Resurfacing Pavers PRODUCTS Azek Standard and Resurfacing Pavers

New versions offer more design possibilities Read more

CertainTeed LokkLatch Magnetic Gate Hardware PRODUCTS CertainTeed LokkLatch Magnetic Gate Hardware

The adjustable latch features six-pin re-keyable locks and fits metal, wood, and vinyl gate posts from 1 1/2 to 6 inches square Read more

Phifer Insect Screens PRODUCTS Phifer Insect Screens

Upgrade your customer's outdoor living space by keeping the pests out Read more

Wahoo Glass Panel Railing PRODUCTS Wahoo Glass Panel Railing

Wicking channels in the brackets prevent water from accumulating Read more

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