July-August 2015 Table of Contents

Outlast Q8 Log Oil Outlast Q8 Log Oil

Use it on wood decking or end cuts to control mold and insect damage Read more

Heat Relief Products Heat Relief

Arctic Cove carries misters for your clients' patios, as well as cooling accessories for you as you work Read more

Outdoor Lighting in Style Products Outdoor Lighting in Style

Energy-efficient lighting in various architectural styles and finishes Read more

Tile Decks Products Tile Decks

Grout-free track system installs on standard deck framing Read more

Pickup Organizer Products Pickup Organizer

Keep the stuff in your truck sorted and safely stowed under lock and key Read more

Express PVC Railing Kits Products Express PVC Railing Kits

All the components are packaged together in a box Read more

Comparison Shopping for Tools Products Comparison Shopping for Tools

A new function at the Klein Tools website gives you a choice of 30 vendors from which to buy the tool Read more

Composite Decking Screw Products Composite Decking Screw

Simpson's DCU Composite screw comes in a variety of colors, in bulk or collated for Quik Drive systems Read more

Portable and Collapsible Sawhorse TOOLKIT Portable and Collapsible Sawhorse

A deck builder tries out a Centipede Portable Work System Read more

Efficient Deck Demolition Efficient Deck Demolition

It isn't glamorous work, but your crew can do it quickly and profitably with a little planning and the right tools Read more

Screen Options for Porches Screen Options for Porches

Prefabricated panels are fast and easy, but buying the components and assembling the screens on site offers more design flexibility. Read more

Deck Ledger 12 Tax-Trimming Tips

Cut your tax bill by looking out for these deductions year-round Read more

Letters Concrete Advice

Sometimes the extra cost of equipment pays for itself in time saved and better results Read more

Attaching a Deck to Cantilevered Joists QUESTION & ANSWER Attaching a Deck to Cantilevered Joists

Mike Guertin explains how to add a deck to a raised ranch with a cantilevered floor system without attaching the deck ledger to the rim joist. Read more

Installing an Outdoor Sound System Installing an Outdoor Sound System

Don't forget the night music. Dr. Decks explains why 12-volt marine-grade audio equipment is the perfect prescription for a deck. Read more

Craftsmanlike Gate DAY’S END Craftsmanlike Gate

A signature detail from a Greene and Greene home's garden gate inspires the design of a larger, driveway gate Read more

Letters Cumulative Errors Led to Balcony Collapse

Tragedies can be prevented with attention to water management and flashing Read more

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