June 2015 Table of Contents

Pavers for Rooftop Decks Pavers for Rooftop Decks

Azek's composite pavers stand up to ground contact, but are light enough to use on a roof Read more

Thermally Modified Decking Thermally Modified Decking Thermally Modified Decking

It's heat-treated to be rot-resistant and dimensionally stable, but how does it actually perform? Here are some reports from the field. Read more

Weight of Concrete Footings Structure Weight of Concrete Footings

Prescriptive foundation sizing guidelines are based on bearing area and don’t account for the weight of the concrete used to form deep footings and piers. But should they? Read more

LETTERS Bad Deck-Ledger Behavior?

A reader questions whether a point load on a deck ledger can actually cause a catastrophic failure of the ledger Read more

Iron Dog Modular Toolbelt TOOL KIT Iron Dog Modular Toolbelt

This modular toolbelt can be customized with interchangeable pouches and tool holders that clip onto the belt Read more

Last-minute Marketing DECK LEDGER Last-minute Marketing

You can polish up your company's image with minimal expense by using better business cards and more signs with your company's logo Read more

LETTERS More Details on Sizing Footings

Loren Ross of the AWC corrects a span error in Mike Guertin's "Better Deck Piers" article (Feb/March 2015), and addresses changes to footing- and beam-span sizing tables in the DCA6 Read more

BioClimatic Aluminum Pergola Products BioClimatic Aluminum Pergola

Aluminum louvers can be opened or closed, depending on the weather Read more

Built-in Grills Products Built-in Grills

Coyote offers a range of sizes and features to suit a variety of outdoor cooks Read more

How to Make Square Cuts on Round Footing Forms QUESTION & ANSWER How to Make Square Cuts on Round Footing Forms

Marking for an accurate cut on a cylinder can be a challenge, but Mike Guertin has a couple of tricks up his sleeve. Read more

Skilsaw 10-Inch Wormdrive TOOL KIT Skilsaw 10-Inch Wormdrive

The new Sawsquatch has brass gearing, a magnesium motor housing, and a dual-field motor Read more

Helping Hands for Solo Framing READERS’ TIPS Helping Hands for Solo Framing

When you're framing a pergola solo, strap-on plastic post levels and a couple of well-designed braces make the job much easier Read more

Building Outdoor Cabinets Building Outdoor Cabinets

Use exterior-grade panel products and stainless-steel hardware to construct a kitchen with plenty of storage Read more

Curve Appeal DAYS END Curve Appeal

This redwood deck features a curved stair with a laminated handrail and vertical stair risers Read more

LETTERS Ladder Safety Reminder

A fall from a stepladder can result in serious injury, so make sure you're using it properly Read more

Are 2x6s Stronger Than 2x12s? QUESTION & ANSWER Are 2x6s Stronger Than 2x12s?

Frank Woeste explains why the relative bending strength (Fb) of southern yellow pine decreases as the lumber dimension increases. Read more

Motion-Activated LED Spotlights Motion-Activated LED Spotlights

Networked wireless LEDs light up dark spaces without complicated and expensive wiring Read more

Retrofit Post Base Retrofit Post Base

The RPBZ from Simpson can be used for new or existing connections Read more

Electrical Receptacle Mounts in the Deck Floor Electrical Receptacle Mounts in the Deck Floor

Cords run from wall outlets can pose tripping hazards, as well as being unsightly. The in-floor Red Dot Deck Grommet Pro aims to fix both problems. Read more

Manufactured Stone Fascia Manufactured Stone Fascia

New styles from Ply Gem expand design possibilities Read more

Precast Concrete Tiles Install Right on the Joists Precast Concrete Tiles Install Right on the Joists

Integrate a tiled area into a wood or composite deck, or tile the whole deck for a low-maintenance surface Read more

Outdoor Kitchens With a Stacked-Stone Look Outdoor Kitchens With a Stacked-Stone Look

Modular masonry elements install on a poured concrete base to create fireplaces, grill islands, and more Read more

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