September-October 2015 Table of Contents

Finishes: Penetrating or Film-Forming? Finishes: Penetrating or Film-Forming?

How deeply do these finishes penetrate wood? Read more

The Great Stain Shoot-Out The Great Stain Shoot-Out

Twenty-two finishes were applied to six different types of wood decking - here's what we learned at the midpoint of our testing. Read more

New Columns for an Old Porch New Columns for an Old Porch

A New England contractor gives a classic front entry a facelift by replacing the failing wood millwork with composite columns and PVC trim Read more

Taking Better Deck Photos Taking Better Deck Photos

A pro photographer breaks down how to get the most out of your camera, whether it's on your phone or the latest DSLR or mirrorless model. Read more

LETTERS Inspections Prevent Tragedies

Older oceanfront decks are particularly vulnerable to structural problems because of salt corrosion of hardware and fasteners. Read more

Cable Railing Caution LETTERS Cable Railing Caution

Children may be tempted to climb a railing system with horizontally-oriented structural members, which should be taken into consideration in its design. Read more

Bull Bar Decking Removal Tool TOOL KIT Bull Bar Decking Removal Tool

This heavy-duty demo tool features an indexing head that rotates 180-degrees, which allows the user to select the best angle for maximum leverage and access. Read more

Composite Fascia Installation Tips Q&A Composite Fascia Installation Tips

It's a smart strategy to separate composite trim from the framing with shims, which allows for drainage and differential movement. Read more

Fast Method for Aging Copper READERS’ TIPS Fast Method for Aging Copper

You can take the shine off copper pipes and panels by soaking them in sawdust that's been saturated with this special salt bath. Read more

Deckorators Cast-Stone Post Cover PRODUCTS Deckorators Cast-Stone Post Cover

Low-maintenance fiberglass-reinforced concrete post covers have the look of stone, but slip over 4x4 or 6x6 wood posts. Read more

Updating a Formal Fence DAYS’ END Updating a Formal Fence

A decaying red-cedar fence was rebuilt using Boral TruExterior fly-ash-based trim Read more

Dock on a Rock Brackets PRODUCTS Dock on a Rock Brackets

Adjustable galvanized steel brackets can be bolted to rock to provide a solid base for docks, stair landings, and walkways. Read more

Impression Iron-Look Railing PRODUCTS Impression Iron-Look Railing

These rail kits look like classic wrought iron but are made from aluminum, so the sections can be installed without welding equipment. Read more

Hanger-Buddy Joist-Hanger Tool PRODUCTS Hanger-Buddy Joist-Hanger Tool

An adjustable jig for speeding up joist hanger installation. Read more

Grillbot Grill Cleaner PRODUCTS Grillbot Grill Cleaner

This rechargeable robot is equipped with brass or stainless steel brushes to automatically scrub your client's grill. Read more

Wolverine CarbonMAX Work Boots PRODUCTS Wolverine CarbonMAX Work Boots

These leather work boots have a thin-profile safety toe cap that reduces weight while still meeting ASTM standards for protection from rolling and falling objects. Read more

Avalon Aluminum Railings PRODUCTS Avalon Aluminum Railings

Railing Dynamic's preassembled railing panels are rust-proof and available in three powder-coated finishes: white, gloss black, and satin black. Read more

Outwater Cable Railing PRODUCTS Outwater Cable Railing

Pre-cut 316 stainless steel assemblies are available in 1/8-inch, 3/16-inch, and 1/4-inch diameters, and include threaded terminals and quick-connect fittings. Read more

Tytan High-Yield Construction Adhesive PRODUCTS Tytan High-Yield Construction Adhesive

This collapsing gel adhesive is applied with a gun or through a straw like spray foam insulation, and can be used to glue decking to joists. Read more

Boerboel Gate Hardware PRODUCTS Boerboel Gate Hardware

Heavy-duty wrap hinges are available in stainless or zinc-plated powder-coated steel and will support 75-pound gates up to 6 feet wide. Read more

Panorama Universal Glass-Railing Post PRODUCTS Panorama Universal Glass-Railing Post

This versatile post for glass railing systems can be surface- or fascia-mounted, and used at corners, ends, or inline. Read more

Silca Systems Tile Underlayment PRODUCTS Silca Systems Tile Underlayment

Self-draining structural panels are designed for tile installations in exterior environments. Read more

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