March-April 2016 Table of Contents

Adding Curves to a Steel-Frame Deck Adding Curves to a Steel-Frame Deck

It’s easier than you think to bend steel and dress it up with flexible PVC trim Read more

A Path to Safer Balconies A Path to Safer Balconies

These tricky cantilevered structures demand careful framing and waterproofing details. Read more

Night Lights READERS’ TIPS Night Lights

A deck builder creates a little romance with a $50 string of patio lights hung from a simple valance surrounding the perimeter of his clients' deck. Read more

Connecting a Deck to a SIPs House Connecting a Deck to a SIPs House

You can't fasten a ledger to most structural insulated panels, so if you want to add a deck to a SIPs house your best bet is to build a freestanding deck and anchor it to the structure or foundation with special metal brackets. Read more

Railings for Grade-Level Decks STRUCTURE Railings for Grade-Level Decks

Even when a guardrail is not required by code, build it as if it were Read more

Review: Collomix Xo 4 Portable Power Mixer TOOL KIT Review: Collomix Xo 4 Portable Power Mixer

The Collomix Xo 4 is a heavy-duty low-speed drill that can be used to mix up batches of mortar, concrete, and other heavy materials Read more

City Lights DAY’S END City Lights

Subtle lighting optimizes nighttime views of New York City's skyline from this ipe deck. Read more

LETTERS Extra Steps Needed to Prevent Rot and Corrosion

While not required by code, deck framing and metal hardware that is primed and painted prior to installation will be better protected from rot and corrosion Read more

Hollow-Core Vinyl Decking Product Hollow-Core Vinyl Decking

EverNew deck planks from CertainTeed have a non-slip raised-ridge surface Read more

Thicker Trim Product Thicker Trim

Kleer 2x PVC boards and sheets are manufactured in 2-by lumber dimensions Read more

Cord Connectors TOOL KIT Cord Connectors

This clever system consists of a hardened plastic shell and a pair of rubber cord stops, and will prevent you from accidentally disconnecting from an extension cord. Read more

Quick-Connect Cable Rail Fittings Product Quick-Connect Cable Rail Fittings

No crimping tools needed Read more

Flexible Light Strips Product Flexible Light Strips

Lengths of up to 165 feet of Outwater's LED Brite Lite Flex ribbons can be run with a single power cord Read more

Slim Aluminum Rails Product Slim Aluminum Rails

Kits for Fairway Building Products' Slimline railing come in 36-inch and 42-inch heights Read more

Trim Screws Products Trim Screws

The new 2-inch fastener works with Starborn's Pro Plug System Read more

Color-Coded Collated Nails Products Color-Coded Collated Nails

Keeping track of nail sizes just got easier Read more

Rebuilding a Brick Patio Rebuilding a Brick Patio

Brick pavers installed in a mortar bed over a membrane-protected concrete slab are an attractive and durable hardscaping option for warmer climates Read more

Wood Treaters Under Pressure

Ground-contact PT lumber is becoming more widely available, thanks to the AWPA's new rules for treated lumber. But the industry is divided on how the new rules apply to deck framing. Read more

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