Fall 2012 Table of Contents

18-Volt Cordless Circular Saws 18-Volt Cordless Circular Saws

The best models have good runtime and cut dense material without slowing down Read more

Innovative Tool Carriers Innovative Tool Carriers

Here are nine of the best products for transporting and organizing your gear Read more

Four Over-the-Top Shops Four Over-the-Top Shops

Here are four of the most remarkable shops I saw this year on YouTube. Screen shots cannot do them justice, so be sure to view them online. Read more

Magnetic Work Light Magnetic Work Light

Magnalight has just released a new magnetically mounted halogen work light, the WAL-M-500-120. Read more

Cordless Cutter Cordless Cutter

Milwaukee's new M12 Cable Cutters are a nice alternative to manual cutters, which require a lot of muscle power and can be difficult to use within the confines of an electrical panel. Read more

12-Inch Miter Saw 12-Inch Miter Saw

Like the small table saw Bosch released last year, the 12-inch CM12 chop saw was designed with portability and capability in mind. Read more

Hammer + Prybar Hammer + Prybar

The True Temper 30-inch Claw Bar looks like a cross between a framing hammer and a crowbar. Read more

Diagnostic Pouch Diagnostic Pouch

Primarily intended as a pouch for HVAC diagnostic tools, Veto Pro Pac's TP3 could work for anyone in need of a compact tool bag. Read more

Li-Ion Finish Gun Li-Ion Finish Gun

Paslode updated its 16-gauge cordless finish gun and added a load of new features, the most prominent of which is a lithium-ion battery that's smaller and lighter than the nicad in the previous model. Read more

Big-Time Joinery Big-Time Joinery

Festool recently released the Domino XL, a larger version of its original Domino joining system. Read more

Comfy Harness Comfy Harness

Safety harnesses are known for two things: saving lives and being uncomfortable. Read more

Cordless Fan Cordless Fan

Whether they're dispersing fumes from floor poly or simply cooling things off when it's hot, fans are an essential piece of job-site equipment. Read more

Digital Impact Gun Digital Impact Gun

With the introduction of its new 18-volt impact driver, Hitachi is the latest company to enter the realm of brushless tools. Read more

Light My Pliers Light My Pliers

Now that LEDs are on just about every power tool you can name, it's apparently time for them to start showing up on hand tools. Read more

Stirring Lid Stirring Lid

The Mixing Mate Paint Lid can be used to mix and store finishes such as paint, polyurethane, and stain. Read more

Air-Powered Shingle Cutter Air-Powered Shingle Cutter

Making crisp, straight cuts in asphalt shingles with a utility knife can be tricky in warm weather and downright tough when it's cold. Read more

Modular Organizers Modular Organizers

To help with the constant struggle of tool organization, DeWalt has released its new TSTAK line of tool-boxes. Read more

18-Gauge Nailer 18-Gauge Nailer

Porter Cable's new 18-gauge brad nailer (BN200C) offers a nice set of features at a reasonable price. Read more

Strap Organizer Strap Organizer

Ratchet straps are great for securing a load on a pickup truck, but keeping them organized is a total nightmare. Read more

Flexible Roller Flexible Roller

The McCauley Mini Roller Flex is a roller handle with a flexible neck that can be quickly adjusted to any position, so you can roll difficult areas like rake boards and gutters. Read more

Electronic Torque Wrench Electronic Torque Wrench

The ½-inch Armstrong Electronic Torque Wrench (ETW ½DR) has a simple set of controls and can be set for between 25 and 250 foot-pounds of torque. Read more

Durable Pinner Durable Pinner

Uffy's new 23-gauge pinner, the TH-T-CZ10, is designed to be both lightweight and durable. Read more

Universal Rip Fence Universal Rip Fence

Track saws are good for ripping sheets of plywood, but the tracks are long and the systems require a dedicated saw. Read more

Woodworking Blades Woodworking Blades

Irwin's sub-brand Marples, a name best known for chisels, has just released a new line of thin-kerf woodworking blades engineered for clean cuts and long life. Read more

High-Voltage Cordless Chain Saws High-Voltage Cordless Chain Saws

When lithium-ion tools first hit the market, a number of manufacturers introduced 28- and 36-volt models. Read more

Senco Joistpro Metal Connector Nailers Senco Joistpro Metal Connector Nailers

My crew and I used to hand-nail framing hardware, but as codes changed and we had to install more and more of the stuff, it became impractical to nail by hand. Read more

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