Summer 2012 Table of Contents

Tools Up Close: Two Fuel-Powered Framers Tools Up Close: Two Fuel-Powered Framers

Early this year, Tools of the Trade sent me the newest models from Paslode and Bostitch, and this story is about my crew's experience with those guns. Read more

Tools Up Close: Milwaukee M12 Band Saw Tools Up Close: Milwaukee M12 Band Saw

Earlier this year Milwaukee added a tool to its M12 line that I never expected to see: a cordless portable band saw. Many tool companies make 18-volt band saws, but this is the first subcompact (10.8-volt/12-volt max) model. At 6.75 pounds and 12 inches long, it's small enough to be used one-handed. Read more

A Deck Builder's Tool Kit A Deck Builder's Tool Kit

These specialized tools boost productivity and quality. Read more

Quick Folding Chop-Saw Stand Quick Folding Chop-Saw Stand

I hate it when I go to a job site and see some carpenter trying to cut a long molding while his $800 miter saw is balanced on a piece of drywall set on a plastic trash can. For one thing it's dangerous. I like a continuous wooden table that's long enough for me to safely trim the end of a 10-footer. I also want to be able to screw a stop to it for repeat cuts. Read more

Full-Size Oscillating Multi-Tools Full-Size Oscillating Multi-Tools

Look for a powerful model that offers quick blade changes and is easy to grip in any position Read more

Wide-Angle Stud Sensor Product Watch Wide-Angle Stud Sensor

Imagine using a dozen stud sensors at the same time. That's the basic idea behind the Franklin ProSensor. Read more

Makita Compact Router Product Watch Makita Compact Router

With its small size and powerful motor, Makita's new variable-speed compact router could be just the tool for your smaller trim work. Read more

X-Ray Vision Tool Product Watch X-Ray Vision Tool

General Tools' CL10 Cable and Pipe Locator makes it possible to see into walls. Read more

Three-Speed Drywall Rasp Product Watch Three-Speed Drywall Rasp

Shaving the last quarter inch off a cut sheet of drywall can be agony. Read more

Flexible Flashlight Product Watch Flexible Flashlight

The EMF2 Extendable Flashlight is a low-tech alternative to a digital inspection camera. Read more

Dust-Free Drywall Sander Product Watch Dust-Free Drywall Sander

Festool has applied its expertise in dust collection to the world of drywall sanding. Read more

Low-Cost Infrared Camera Product Watch Low-Cost Infrared Camera

The growing emphasis on energy-efficient building has led to an increase in the number of companies making infrared cameras. Read more

Extension Level Product Watch Extension Level

Ever had to plumb from floor to ceiling by holding two levels together? Read more

Convenient Tool Lanyard Product Watch Convenient Tool Lanyard

While tool lanyards might stop you from dropping a drill off a ladder, they can be restrictive and difficult to use. Read more

Digital Level Product Watch Digital Level

Bosch's electronic level is easier to use than a spirit level and performs some functions that a spirit level cannot. Read more

Product Watch Traditional Chisels

If you like the durability and feel of traditional wood- handle socket chisels, Stanley has something for you. Read more

Product Watch Durable Infrared Thermometer

The Fluke 62Max+ Infrared Thermometer is designed with durability and simplicity in mind. Read more

Hand Stand Product Watch Hand Stand

The FastCap 3rd Hand just got a little easier to use, thanks to a recently released tripod accessory. Read more

Flush Cut Pliers Product Watch Flush Cut Pliers

The new Channellock 758 pliers are designed to make flush cuts in small wires and plastic cables. Read more

Wild Card Wrench Product Watch Wild Card Wrench

Wera's new Joker combination wrench is ideal for use in tight quarters. Read more

Hand Armor Product Watch Hand Armor

Most gloves protect only the front of your hand, but Ergodyne's ProFlex 925 protects the back, too, so you won't be injured during demo and heavy construction work. Read more

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