World of Concrete 2016 Table of Contents

Decreasing Tool Vibration Decreasing Tool Vibration

Tool vibration can contribute to arthritis, tendonitis, and loss of grip, but U.S. workers now benefit from better EU vibration-control standards. Read more

Battling Concrete Dust Battling Concrete Dust

In the battle against dust on the jobsite, the enemy is silica—airborne crystalline silica dust, that is. Rules are likely coming, but some toolmakers already have answers. Read more

18-Volt Cordless Angle Grinders 18-Volt Cordless Angle Grinders

These angle grinders won’t come close to replacing a corded version for all-day use, but most of them are capable enough to have around for average jobs or whenever the convenience of cordless grinding and cutting is needed. Read more

Choosing Tough Tech Choosing Tough Tech

In the world of cellphone marketing, “durable” sometimes just means a device that can survive a beach party. But a few companies have gotten wise to the real-world demands of people who work for a living. Read more

Choosing a Diamond Blade Choosing a Diamond Blade

We cover everything from understanding how they're made to knowing how things like aggregate size affects blade wear in this buying guide. Read more

Product Watch
WerkMaster Floor Leveling Machine WerkMaster Floor Leveling Machine

The WerkMaster comes in several size and power configurations for knocking down the high spots on concrete slabs. Read more

Tech-Savy Jobsite Storage from Knaack Tech-Savy Jobsite Storage from Knaack

Two storage options for keeping tools and data safe on site while staying connected. Read more

Bosch's GRL 500 HCK Self-Leveling Rotary Laser Kit Concrete Construction Bosch's GRL 500 HCK Self-Leveling Rotary Laser Kit

The GRL 500 HCK rotary laser is designed with features that will increased accuracy and productivity. Read more

Generac's New Diesel-Powered Generator Concrete Construction Generac's New Diesel-Powered Generator

Generac Power Systems recently unveiled its diesel-powered portable generator, the XD5000E, which is designed for high-intensity needs for commercial jobsites. Read more

M18 Stand Light M18 Stand Light

Milwaukee’s Trueview LED work light on a sturdy, folding stand delivers 2000 lumens to the jobsite. Read more

Rust-Resistant Compressor Rust-Resistant Compressor

Multiquip’s DIS185SSI4F 185-cubic-feet-per-minute compressor is equipped with several useful features, including a lockable toolbox. Read more

Atlas Copco Twin-Handled Power Screed Atlas Copco Twin-Handled Power Screed

The BV30’s interchangeable blades, lightweight aluminum body and rigid screed blade provide maximum versatility, easy handling and stability. Read more

Manitou's Compact Excavators Manitou's Compact Excavators

Manitou has added two compact excavators to its lineup, the Gehl Z55 and Mustang 550Z. Read more

Stihl Battery-Powered Cut-Off Machine Stihl Battery-Powered Cut-Off Machine

The Stihl battery-powered TSA 230 Cutquik cut-off machine changes the game for the jobsite with zero exhaust emissions, and more. Read more

Husqvarna’s Remote-Controlled Floor Grinder Husqvarna’s Remote-Controlled Floor Grinder

Husqvarna’s PG 820 RC offers some great features, powerful performance, and outstanding ergonomics. Read more

Manitou Heavy Telescopic Handler Manitou Heavy Telescopic Handler

With nearly 20,000 pounds of lift capacity and 46 feet of maximum lift height, the MHT 1490 pulls no punches on the jobsite. Read more

Makita's Portable, Pressurized Water Tank Makita's Portable, Pressurized Water Tank

Here's a water tank from Makita that comes with a pressure indicator, quick connect and is designed to interface with concrete-cutting machinery. Read more

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