April 1986 Table of Contents

A Framing Primer

Even if you're already a pro, you can refine your skills by walking through this job with Marshall Gross. Read more

Ignoring New Technologies Can Cost You

Builders who insist on sticking to the old ways of doing things are selling themselves (and their clients) short, says Henri de Marne. Read more

Training on the Right Track

Where to go for training. Read more

Steel vs. Wood

As steel begins to gain ground in the light-construction industry, Harris Hyman finds little to cheer about — at least for now. A look at the pros and cons of each system. Read more

The House that Homer Hurst Built

Want to save up to 50 percent on your lumber costs? Paul Hanke looks at some innovative framing techniques developed by Homer Hurst that can help you do just that— provided you're open to new ideas. Read more

On The House

What Capacity Heating System? Wet Waferboard, Designing for Snow Loads Read more

The Legal Column: Joint Development Agreements Revisited

Joint development agreements with private parties. Read more

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