August 1986 Table of Contents

Low-Tech Building Techniques for Energy-Efficient Housing

Engineer Marc Rosenbaum tells us how to build energy-efficient houses without spending a bundle, and gives a review of some of the products he's used. Read more

Passive Solar Stages a Comeback

Others say that solar is dead, but Harris Hyman is convinced it's on the rebound. Energy-efficient window glazings are mak- ing the difference, he says. Read more

Recipe for Heating Comfort: Mix It Well Over a Low Flame

Jon Eakes reviews the basics of indoor humidity, explains what makes a heating system healthy and comfortable, and pre- views a new gizmo on the Canadian market that promises to change the way we think about electric heat: the silicone- controlled r Read more

Wet Insulation: More Moisture Myths Unmasked

Henri de Marne explains why some of the stories we hear about moisture and insula- tion are just all wet. Read more

On The House

Wood Preservatives & Health Concerns, Driveway Specifications, No Simple Answer on Siding, Moisture-Resistant Finishes for Wood, Composting Toilets: How Effective? Read more

Building With Style: Insulation & Ventilation: One Architect's Approach

An architect's approach to insulating and ventilating. Read more

The Legal Column: Job-Site Power Perils

Jackie Barnett A 'heated' case. Read more

Focus on Energy: The Comfort Factor in Building Performance

The comfort factor in building performance. Read more

Restoration Primer: Updating Victorian Fireplaces

The Rumford fireplace modification. Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath: Saving Energy

Saving energy in the kitchen and bath. Read more

Backfill: Caulking, Canadian Style

Caulking, Canadian style. Read more

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