July 1986 Table of Contents

A Builder's Guide to Water Testing

Gene Rosov of the Water Test Corporation tells builders what to look for in a water-testing lab—and how to avoid problems (and possible lawsuits) related to water quality when you build. Read more

On-Site Sewage Systems: A Look at the Options

Henri de Marne looks at the basics of construction and outlines some of the more promising options. Read more

Waterproofing Choices

A leak-free basement may not be as elusive as you thought, says Paul Hanke, who offers some tips and gives an overview of some of the waterproofing products on the market. Read more

Well, Well, Well

John Voytek Jr. of the National Water Well Association explains how wells are constructed and answers some common questions about wells and groundwater. Read more

On The House

Terminating Termites, Vinyl-Siding Problems, R-Value Queries, Moisture and Thermal Bridging Read more

Building With Style: Liberated House Plans

Designing for function without feeling cramped. Read more

Focus on Energy: Measuring Heat Loss in Energy-Efficient Windows

Sash and air leakage in energy-efficient windows. Read more

Case in Point: One Test Is Worth a Thousand Expert Opinions

The importance of testing the soil before breaking ground. Read more

Kitchen & Bath
The Fine Art of Dowsing Backfill The Fine Art of Dowsing

Dowsers claim they can tell you at exactly what depth you will hit water, predict exactly how many gallons per minute the well will produce, and guarantee that the water will be potable. Read more

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