June 1986 Table of Contents

A Guide to Scaffolding Systems

The technical staff of The Old-House Journal tells us everything we need to know to get the job done right (and safely). Read more

Repairing Stucco

A step-by-step guide from Walter Jowers. Read more

The Case of the Disappearing R-Value

Manufacturers have long claimed that the higher R-value of urethane and polyisocyanurate more than compensates for their higher cost. But research now indicates that even the so-called "aged" R-value of these products is lower than previously believ Read more

Wood Siding Over Foam: An Update

Professor John Russo of the University of Iowa looks at the latest research and recommends ways to minimize such problems as buckled boards and pulled nails. Read more

On The House

Steam-Heating Efficiency, Fire-Rated Wall Systems, What Kind of Sheathing? Siting for the Sun, Ventilating for Appliances Read more

The Legal Column: Releasing Your Rights by Cashing a Check

When to think twice about cashing a check. Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath: How to Clarify the Appliance Muddle

The latest word on kitchen appliances. Read more

Case in Point: Baffling Water Stains

Those baffling water stains. Read more

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