March 1986 Table of Contents

Curing the Leaky Foundation

Henri de Marne provides his sure-fire recipe for building the leak-free foundation. Read more

NAHB Convention Report NAHB Convention Report

Pat Galvin provides highlights of the biggest National Association of Home Builders convention ever. Read more

The New Concrete Technologies

Jeffrey Beard looks at the new developments in the concrete market and tells how they are benefiting the construction industry. Read more

The Oxygen-Diffusion Debate

Experts disagree on the extent to which corrosion in heating systems can be blamed on a strange phenomenon called oxygen diffusion. Paul Hanke examines this growing controversy in the plastic-pipe industry. Read more

Working with Stone Foundations

Stone mason Al Ulmer shares some tried-and- true secrets of his craft and cautions against fixing things that ain't necessarily broke. Read more

On The House

Condensation, Condensation and Furnaces, Things That Go Bump In the Night, Condensation Cures, Why Felt; Which Caulk? Read more

The Legal Column: 'For Sale' Signs: A Source of Liability?

Are "for sale" signs a source of liability? Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Backfill: The Funny Papers

Harris Hyman takes a look at builder and architect relationships Read more

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