October 1986 Table of Contents

How to Control Sound Transmission Through Floors

Henry Spies of the Small Homes Council focuses on soundproofing floors—the biggest acoustics problem in many multifamily projects. Read more

Mastering Drywall

There's more to it than slapping half-inch board all around and smearing on joint compound. Marylee MacDonald tells how better materials and techniques yield a better job. Read more

Soundproofing Principles, Practices & Pitfalls

The murky science of acoustical design is brought into focus by acoustics consultant Timothy Foulkes. Read more

The Art & Science of Stair Design

A successful set of stairs is so comfortable you don't notice it, says engineer Harris Hyman. And here's how… Read more

Using Less Glass With More Thought

Practical tips from architect John Rahill on how to bring light and views into a house using a sensible amount of glass. Read more

Veneer Plaster: A Premium Finish in One Step

Veteran plasterer David Matte tells how to get an old-world plaster finish with the new one-coat system. Read more

On The House

Insulation Squeeze, Metal-Roof Corrosion, Weird Nailing Method Read more

Building With Style: Beyond the Flat Ceiling

Beyond the eight-foot flat ceiling. Read more

Focus on Energy: Taming Natural Convection

Making the most of natural convection. Read more

Case in Point: Better Building Techniques

New building technologies have their place. Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath: Using Colors in Kitchens & Baths

Color guidelines for kitchens and baths. Read more

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