April 1987 Table of Contents

Bracing Walls: What Works Best?

Looking into T-strapping, plywood corners, and old-fashioned let-in scrapping to keep your buildings from racking. Read more

Defeating Deflection

How to size joists and trusses for solid, economical floors. Read more

Installing Stressed-Skin Panels

Tips for hanging foam-core panels, from one of America’s foremost timber framers. Read more

Raising the Roof

How to lift a 40-foot-long roof, add a second story, and put it all back together in a day’s work. Read more

Truss Collapse

Poor bracing or manufacturing flaws can send a row of roof trusses crashing to the ground. This case shows what can happen, and how to prevent it. Read more

When the Framing Shrinks

Today’s lumber spells problems—like cracked plaster, popped nails, and warped trusses. These details can help keep you out of trouble. Read more

Retrofit Vapor Barriers

Retrofit Vapor Barriers Read more

Building With Style: Framing Quiz

Even the best of us can under-design… Read more

In Business: Buying the Right Insurance

The wonderful world of insurance. Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath: Making Small Bathrooms Work

Improving the standard 5x7-foot bathroom. Read more

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