August 1987 Table of Contents

Finding the Flaws in Superinsulation

The performance of many energy-efficient houses falls short of expectations. An in-depth field study of 144 houses shows why. Read more

Grilles & Registers: Warm-Air Layout Tips

Answers to the most frequent question on warm-air heating by one of the developers of forced warm-air heating. Read more


An installer/consultant situated in southern Vermont, Gottlieb describes the typical home photovoltaic system, and the most efficient ways to use the electricity it produces. Read more

Spray It: Two New Approaches to High-Performance Insulation Spray It: Two New Approaches to High-Performance Insulation

Spray cellulose and spray urethane can give you top energy performance without a lot of headaches. Two insulation contractors describe how. Read more

Tight Construction Made Easier

Refinements on the airtight-drywall approach (ADA) make getting a tight shell easier on your framing crew and subs. Read more

What's the Best Heating System?

A veteran heating-system designer offers some pointers based on his experience in the field. Read more

Zero-Clearance Fireplaces

Prefab metal units stack up better than you might think against traditional masonry fireplaces. Menia, a mason and chimney sweep for 19 years, examines their pros and cons. Read more

Shellac Should Do It

Shellac Should Do It Read more

Focus on Energy: Wrap Wars

Air-barrier debates. Read more

Builder's Library

Details, Details Read more

For What It's Worth

NEB’s new product column. Read more

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