December 1987 Table of Contents

Choosing and Using the Right Saw Blade

Understanding triple-chips, ATBs, hollow-grinding, blade tensioning, and other aspects of saw-blade art and science. Read more

Jacks, Hoists & Pulleys

How to use the laws of mechanical advantage to help you move heavy loads safely. Read more

Power Nailers and Staplers

A report on the new pneumatics: why they’re gaining in popularity in every job from interior trim to roofing. Read more

Protecting Ears, Eyes, and Lungs

A guide to common health hazards on the job and how to cope with them. Read more

Table Saw Tactics

If you want your table saw to work well, set it up correctly for the job, says this British woodworker of 30 years. Start with the right auxiliary fence. Read more

Why Don't They Make a Tool That– Why Don't They Make a Tool That–

A sampling of the new tools dreamed up to make life a little easier on the job site. Read more

Icing the Roof

Icing the Roof Read more

Backfill: Tools of the Deep

Underwater carpentry. Read more

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