February 1987 Table of Contents

A Rotting Timber Frame

The four-year-old house looked fine on the inside and the outside. But inside the walls, it wasn’t a pretty sight. Read more

Conference Report: How Tight Is Too Tight?

U.S. and Canadian scientists flocked to Fort Worth to muse on the mysteries of "air infiltration, ventilation, and moisture" in today’s tight houses. Here are the highlights from official reports and corridor chatter. Read more

Engineered Lumber

Is the solid-wood joist going the way of the buggy whip? Construction consultant John Russo looks at what’s taking its place and how the new products hold up. Read more

Rx for Wood Decay and Insects

Wood lasts virtually forever if you treat it right. The keys are keeping the wood dry and using the right chemical treatment when needed. Read more

On the House

Heating systems, ridge vents water-heater tanks... Read more

In Business: Spreading Yourself Too Thin

Certainly you wouldn’t spread yourself too thin… Read more

Builder's Library

Specs & spans & structural-design-data books. Read more

Backfill: The Only One Around

Enoch Robinson’s claim to fame. Read more

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