July 1987 Table of Contents

Computers: What Good Are They Anyway? Computers: What Good Are They Anyway?

How to decide whether computers are the best thing for your company since Sheetrock—or the business equivalent of “breaking your leg.” Read more

Energy Design and PCs

Back-of-the-envelope arithmetic vs. high-tech calculations to six decimal places. Which does the builder really need? Read more

Learning Computers the Hard Way

Interview with Ward Smyth. Lessons learned while building a successful, computerized contracting business—starting out in 1979 with a $50,000 electronic white elephant… Read more

Low-Cost CAD

Drawing by computer is easy and efficient with the right program features. Five systems are reviewed ranging in cost from $80 to $800. Read more

Megabytes to Motherboards: A Friendly Guide to Computer Hardware

How to select an economical, flexible system that will meet your needs and grow with your company. Read more

Picking the Right Software

Shopping tips for the most critical computer purchase you’ll make. Plus, in-depth reviews of 10 moderately priced construction software packages: Estimators, Schedulers, Accounting Read more

Backfill: The Dog Ate It

New, improved excuses. Read more

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