May 1987 Table of Contents

Cutting Jack Rafters

How to lay out and cut these mind-benders—without getting a migraine. Read more

Flashing Primer

Flashing is the weak link in any roofing system. Here are tips and techniques for getting it right with slate, wood, asphalt, and clay roofing. Read more

Mystery of the Ghost Lines

Many stressed-skin roofs have joint lines that “ telegraph” up through the roofing. Here are a few theories why—and one solution. Read more

Roofs: Structural Basics

Topping off a three-part series on structure with a look at snow loads, rafter thrust, and dormer design. Read more

Single-Plies for Small Jobs

The single-ply revolution is not just for acre-size industrial roofs. Many options are just right for small jobs, too. Read more

Truss Bracing

Last month we documented a major truss collapse. This month, we show you how to avoid such problems—based on the findings and recommendations of the Truss Plate Institute. Read more

Wood Shakes and Shingles

They’re pretty to look at, but may not last long unless installed right and maintained. Read more

Indoor Pool Problems

Indoor Pool Problems Read more

In Business: Preparing for a Bid

Getting ready for the big bid. Read more

Case in Point: Not a Roofing Problem

Why’s it raining indoors? Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath: Elbow Room

Placing three fixtures in the average minimum is 18 inches on the right of 5x7- or 6x8-foot bathroom is simple the toilet centerline for a rightenough for most builders, who have handed person, and 12 inches on the long experience with the small spaces.  Read more

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