September 1987 Table of Contents

The Biggest Trick of the Trade: Getting a Permit

How to negotiate the growing obstacles to improving the neighborhood. Read more

Chimney Relining Options

A wood-heating authority evaluates several systems for bringing old, unlined chimneys up to current standards of safety and performance. Read more

How to Remodel Around Electrical Systems

A master electrician advises you on how to do your work without accidentally damaging his. Read more

Keeping the Paint On

Remedies for the age-old problems of peeling, blistering, and bleeding-through of paint. Read more

Misreading a House

One of America’s most experienced home-inspectors provides a checklist of problems to look for when you estimate your next remodeling project. Read more

New Life for Rotten Timbers

A Canadian preservationist uses steel, epoxy, and a chainsaw to save wooden beams that are worth saving. Read more

The Bright Idea

A tortured tale of fine craftsmanship and bad business planning—with plenty of 20/20 hindsight. Read more

Stress Management

Stress Management Read more

For What It's Worth

Thermostat Upgrade Read more

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