April 1988 Table of Contents

Fiberglass, Mineral Wool & Your Health

Fiberglass-batt installers probably face no cancer risks, but the answers are less clear for insulation blowers. Although there are still no definitive answers, this review of the research yields a few clues. Read more

High Performance Wall Systems

How can you get top energy performance without blowing the budget? Several builders reveal their latest answers to this perennial question. Read more

Home-Grown Imports

In Scandinavia, high-quality factory-built housing dominates the market. Now U.S.-based entrepreneurs hope to duplicate the magic here. Read more

How Durable Is Fire-Retardant-Treated Plywood?

Industry task groups are scurrying to explain why FRT plywood failed on a number of roofs. Researchers offer some plausible explanations. Read more

How Two Guys in Two Weeks Build Custom Shells

Two framing subcontractors give a detailed look at the tools and tactics they use to get top quality at maximum speed. Read more

Hybrid Timber Frames

You can successfully mix timber-framing into your stick-built houses if you pay attention to the structural principles outlined here. Read more

Out on a Limb With Cantilevers

There ’s an architectural appeal to defying gravity. But don’t overlook potential problems with excessive shear and extra bounce. Read more

Stress-Skin Homes Move Mainstream

Frameless foam-panel construction is carving a solid niche in the custom-home market.Here ’s an update on the players and technologies. Read more

How to Stain Red Cedar

How to Stain Red Cedar Read more

For What It's Worth

"NEB's pick of curious, interesting and useful products." Read more

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