August 1988 Table of Contents

Getting Practical: Energy Details that Builders Can Live With

A look at what details work best in the field, based on feedback from a number of custom builders. Read more

Heating System Retrofits

A hands-on account of how to make a new boiler or furnace work smoothly with the old pipes, ducts, and flues. Read more

How To Survive and Prosper Building Low-Energy Homes

Is energy-efficient building a labor of love, or can you actually make a decent living at it? A dozen builders share insights into their successes and failures. Read more

Integrated HVAC: One Box Does It All

New combination appliances blend boilers, furnaces, water heaters, and air exchangers for economy and efficiency. Read more

No-Frills Fresh Air

Northwest builders are working hard to devise low-cost systems that effectively ventilate tight houses. Here are some options. Read more

Shopping for Superwindows

Low-e, suspended films, argon gas, etc. make sorting through manufacturers’ claims harder than ever. Find out what high-performance glass is right for you. Read more

Tapping the Earth for Cheap Heat

The stable temperature of the earth makes ground-coupled heat pumps a viable choice for cold climates. Here’s a look at cost-effective approaches. Read more

Exterior Door Dilemma

Exterior Door Dilemma Read more

For What It's Worth

"NEB's pick of curious, interesting and useful products." Read more

Backfill: Energy Beastiary & Glossary

An irreverent look at some of energy’s more arcane terms... Read more

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