December 1988 Table of Contents

Building Curved Walls

Simple step-by-step techniques for laying out and building attractive curved walls. Read more

Customizing Closets

The old board-and-pole closet doesn’t make it in today’s marketplace. A closet specialist shows how to offer custom solutions at a modest cost. Read more

Roach-Free Remodeling

Through integrated pest management, the remodeler can make his inner-city projects inhospitable to roaches, but favorable to restaurants and residences. Read more

Safety Glass Rules & Regs

Once for cars only, codes and federal laws now require safety glass in nearly every new building. This article, adapted from National Glass Association publications, explains the key provisions in simple terms. Read more

Smart House Sweepstakes

Electronically controlled homes will soon be commonplace. But whether they’ll follow the NAHB Smart House standard, or something entirely different, is still up for grabs. Read more

Sound-Studio Retrofit

How an old warehouse was transformed into a professional sound studio — using off-the-shelf materials and a good understanding of sound transmission. Read more

Traditional Looks for Sale

Corbels, balustrades, sconces, and friezes have found their way back into new and renovation projects. Here’s a survey of the growing marketplace. Read more

On the House Peeling Plaster

Peeling Plaster Read more

Builder's Library

Building Philosophy Read more

For What It's Worth

"The Journal's pick of curious, interesting and useful products." Read more

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