February 1988 Table of Contents

Bigger Spans & Heavier Loads

How to work with bar joists, concrete decks, and other structural systems you'll encounter in light-commercial. Read more

Coping With Commercial Codes

Newcomers to commercial will face a host of new agencies and regulations. Familiarity with the rules will ease the transition. Read more

The Critical Path Method

CPM gives you a clear picture of when each task must be started and completed, and which resources must go where. It's the planning tool of choice on larger projects. Read more

Making It in Commercial Interiors

Retail-interiors contractor Mark Willms speaks out on how to get the good jobs, cope with the owners, architects, and inspectors, and keep our sanity. (And why he enjoys it.) Read more

Planning for Profit in Commercial Remodeling

This can be a good area for diversification for residential contractors. But first, bone up on margins, cash flow, and bonding. Read more

Case Study: Small-Scale Historic Rehab

Compromises on design, codes, and costs help turn a run-down brick double-ender into a profitable commercial development. Read more

Commercial Wood Flooring

Wood flooring has much to offer in high-traffic settings. But you must choose the right species, cut, and finish to get good performance. Read more

Are Metal Chimneys Safe?

Are Metal Chimneys Safe? Read more

Builder's Library

Building Business Read more

Kitchen & Bath
For What It's Worth

"NEB's pick of curious, interesting and useful products." Read more

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