July 1988 Table of Contents

Assessing Difficult Sites

A prominent Denver land planner discusses the importance of thoroughly, and quickly, evaluating a development site before making a purchase. Read more

Erosion Control on Construction Sites

Two conservation officers explain the basics of erosion control, and why it’s become an issue for builders. Read more

Financing the Small Development

Tips and procedures for making a successful proposal to your lender—from a seasoned real estate investor. Read more

Land-Use Regs: Learning the Ropes

An insider’s view of the regulatory maze and how to get through it without losing your shirt or your mind. Read more

Understanding Impact Fees

This primer, adapted from a new NAHB manual, sheds some light on what is fast becoming a major cost of doing business for builders across the U.S. Read more

Using Landscaping to Market Homes

One of New England’s top landscape-architecture firms and a satisfied client discuss how and why they use sophisticated landscaping to sell multi-family projects. Read more

What Remodelers Should Know About Septic Systems

Hard-won insights on avoiding septic troubles when you add on, excavate, or remodel. Also, a guide to septic troubleshooting. Read more


GUEST EDITORIAL: Beyond the Two-Acre Backyard: Planning for Affordable Housing Read more

Painting Over Water Repellents

Painting Over Water Repellents Read more

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For What It's Worth

"NEB's pick of curious, interesting and useful products." Read more

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