October 1988 Table of Contents

Barrier-Free Building Basics

With simple modifications, your designs can accommodate the elderly and disabled—a fast-growing segment of the population. Read more

The Changing Face of Floor Finishes

The pros and cons of today’s major wood floor finishes are examined by an industry insider. Read more

Plate Joinery Comes of Age Plate Joinery Comes of Age

This Swiss-designed tool offers improved joinery to cabinetmakers and finish carpenters. Read more

Coping with Sealed Glass Failures

Sooner or later, nearly all insulated glass units will fog up. Here’s the products and policies to keep you out of trouble. Read more

Success with Hardwood Flooring

A hardwood flooring contractor describes the prep work and moisture controls needed to achieve top results. Read more

Troubleshooting Floor Plans

A design consultant offers tips on how to catch and correct common floor plan errors. Read more

Wide Plank Floors

Tips on buying and installing random-width plank floor. Read more

Wood Fire Doors: Meeting the Codes

Commercial doors and assemblies must meet a complex set of criteria—described in this excerpt from the Architectural Woodwork Institute’s Fire Code Summary. Read more

Working with Flagstone

A practical guide to laying out and installing one of nature’s most attractive and durable flooring products. Read more


EDITORIAL: Why Can’t I Find a Good Contractor? Read more

Upside Down Drain Tiles

Upside Down Drain Tiles Read more

For What It's Worth

"The Journal's pick of curious, interesting and useful products." Read more

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