September 1988 Table of Contents

Design/Build for Remodelers: One Company's Approach

How one Connecticut remodeler turned give-away design work into a profitable company asset. Read more

Estimating for Profit in Remodeling Estimating for Profit in Remodeling

Unrecognized open costs eat up many contractors’ profits year after year. Here’s how to get a handle on these slippery figures. Read more

Fire Safety & Historic Preservation

Two experts discuss how to balance the goals of preservation with the need for fire safety. Read more

Getting into Home Inspection

A leading home-inspector discusses the problems and opportunities facing participants in this fast-growing industry. Read more

House Moving -- Piece by Piece

How and why a one-of-a-kind building company dismantles old houses, moves them to distant cities, and rebuilds them better than new. Read more

Refurbishing Wood Gutters

A detailed guide for the repair and maintenance of the crowning detail on many historic buildings. Read more

Sill Repair & Jacking

A third-generation structural repair contractor tells how to diagnose and fix rotted sills and joist ends. Read more

Is Lumber Quality Slipping?

Is Lumber Quality Slipping? Read more

Kitchen & Bath
For What It's Worth

"NEB's pick of curious, interesting and useful products." Read more

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