April 1989 Table of Contents

A Pole Barn With Style

The versatility and economy of pole barns aren’t limited to farm sheds. This pole building serves as a contractor’s garage and warehouse. Read more

Carpenter Ants and Foam-Core Panels

Stressed-skin panels hold promise for energy-efficient builders. But insect infestation may pose a tough challenge to the new technology. Read more

Demystifying Mortar

An experienced mason explains how mud works, and how to get the best mix for the job you’re working on. Read more

Is Lumber Quality Slipping? Is Lumber Quality Slipping?

If you’ve noticed that today’s lumber has more knots, warpage, and other defects, you’re not alone. Here’s a look at the origin of these problems. Read more

Metal Building Basics

Assembled like a big erector set, metal buildings offer residential builders an easy inroad to commercial construction. Read more

New Members, New Connectors

By William Loeffler. You can’t hang today’s trusses, wood I-beams, and LVL on flea-market joist hangers. This survey of special connectors guides you to the right hardware for the job. Read more

Secrets of Structural Engineering

Why rules of thumb and good judgment are often just as good as fancy formulas when it comes to light construction. Read more

Straight Talk About Wood Structures

Structural problems in wood buildings are on the rise. An engineer discusses the sources of these problems and their solutions. Read more

Quiet Party Walls

Quiet Party Walls Read more

For What It's Worth

The Journal's pick of curious, interesting and useful products. Read more

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