August 1989 Table of Contents

Filling Cavities: Retrofit Foam Update

The dream of a quick and effective retrofit foam insulation did not die with the ban on ureaformaldehyde. We examine the new products available. Read more

Getting the Kinks Out of High-Efficiency Furnaces

Critics charge that many super-efficient furnaces hit the market without adequate testing. What bugs have turned up and how do the newest models fare? An industry insider brings us up to date. Read more

Building Healthy Houses

How an Indiana builder helps chemically sensitive clients avoid exposure to the more than 500 volatile chemicals found in today’s building materials. Read more

Installing Factory-Built Fireplaces

To deliver good performance, manufactured fireplace components must be installed as the system designers intended. Here’s a rundown of the key requirements. Read more

Radiant Barriers - High Performance or Hype

With their sudden popularity, the shiny sheets have spawned equal measures of marketing hype and scientific research. Here’s how the claims reckon with the facts. Read more

Contractor Tips for Spray Cellulose

Spray cellulose outperforms fiberglass, says this insulation contractor, but it takes extra care in the prep work. He lists item-by-item what needs attention. Read more

Water Hazards & our Building's Health

Few builders realize that they may be setting the stage for structure-threatening moisture problems. Four examples from the field show what to look out for. Read more


EDITORIAL: Hats Off to Energy-Efficient Builders Read more

Heating Houses With Water Heaters

Heating Houses With Water Heaters Read more

For What It's Worth

The Journal's pick of curious, interesting and useful products. Read more

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