February 1989 Table of Contents

Creative Cost Cuts

With careful attention to techniques and materials, the author maintains that it’s still possible to build a good place to live at an affordable price. Read more

Financing Affordable Housing

The feds are mostly out of the affordable housing business, but many state and local programs are picking up the slack. Here’s a guide to success with these programs. Read more

Looking Into Modular

If you want to cut your costs, and know them ahead of time, you should take a close look at modular’s latest offerings. Read more

The Northeast Housing Squeeze: Searching for Solutions

We are increasingly becoming a country of housing haves and have-nots. The only solution, argues a leading housing economist, is better use of our land resources. Read more

Working With Owner Labor

Using owner labor can yield big savings, but to make it work you must take a businesslike approach. An experienced contractor tells how. Read more

Projects In Progress: Three Case Studies

You may wonder how well textbook tactics work out in the field. We spoke with a few developers of current affordable projects, and got a wide range of responses. Read more

Small House Design

Can a small house provide the amenities and the quality of life we’ve come to expect from new homes? The author thinks so—if you use the right design strategies. Read more

Coping With Lead Paint

Coping With Lead Paint Read more

Builder's Library

Affordable Books Read more

For What It's Worth

The Journal's pick of curious, interesting and useful products. Read more

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