March 1989 Table of Contents

A Guide to Concrete Anchors

Concrete anchors vary from fast and cheap nails to high-tech epoxy systems. Choosing the right fastener takes careful study. Read more

Foundation Catastrophes: Causes & Cures

Foundation failures expose builders to extensive liability. A company that mends other’s mistakes describes the problems they see and the repair process. Read more

Geotextiles & Geocomposites

Whether block or concrete, basements always seem to leak. Now contractors can use man-made “geo” products to prevent leaks, and insulate too. Read more

Insulated Slabs: Details and Practices

These new slab details were developed with insulation in mind, since in many cases conventional designs won’t do in cold climates. Read more

Ordering Ready-Mix Concrete

There’s more to buying concrete than specifying compressive strength. Understanding cement types admixures, and batch-plant basics will help you get the right mix for the job. Read more

Starting Out Square and Level

How to work with your transit and your excavation and foundation subs so your building gets off on the right foot. Read more

Wiring Behind Drywell

Wiring Behind Drywell Read more

For What It's Worth

The Journal's pick of curious, interesting and useful products. Read more

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